At Moto Guild we think that the best way to learn is hands-on and 90% of our classes are just that. You, working on your own motorcycle, with an instructor guiding the way.

Subjects range from basic to advanced and all steps in between. Each workshop is designed to teach you how to work on your own motorcycle, on a specific task, in a short session. Most workshops are held at least once a month and some are a few times a month depending on demand. New topics are added all the time but if there is something you want to learn now that is not on this page let us know. We can create a private workshop or lesson.

We do not require previous tool or motorcycle repair knowledge.

Check out our upcoming classes and workshops on the calendar.

Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance $75

This is an excellent introductory class for new riders or those new to the experience of working on their motorcycle. Details

Oil Change Workshop $50

Change the oil and oil filter on your motorcycle in this hands-on workshop with the help of an instructor. Details

Chain & Sprockets Workshop $55-$115

Learn how the drive chain and gearing work on your motorcycle, and learn how to replace the components. Details

Brakes Workshop

Learn how to flush fluid and change the brake pads on your motorcycle. Details

PA State Inspection Workshop $55

Demystify the PA inspection process – watch and follow along while your bike is inspected. Details

Tire Change Workshop

Learn how to change and balance your tires. Using the K&L Electric Tire Changer makes it easy. Details

Minor Service Workshop $175

One step above the Intro to Maintenance Class, this workshop will lead you through performing the Minor Service on your motorcycle. Details

Valve Adjustment Workshop

Learn how to check and adjust your valve clearances, change spark plugs, and more items involved in a Major Service.
Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Triumph

Carburetor and Fuel Injection Class $95

Learn how fuel systems work on motorcycles. Watch the process of a carb rebuild and synchronization. Details

Suspension Basics Class $85

Learn the basics of how motorcycle suspension systems work, what adjustments are available, and how to make changes to them. Details

ECU Class

Discuss ECU Flashing vs Piggyback controllers, learn the ins and outs of the software. Details

Navigation Class Free

Free class! Discuss navigation from a motorcycle, and then more detailed instruction on Garmin BaseCamp software. Bring your laptop. Details

If you don’t see a class you want, or the class you want isn’t at a convenient time, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

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