Brakes Workshop

Learn how to flush brake fluid and change the brake pads on your motorcycle. Braking is one of the most important areas of maintenance to know about on a motorcycle. Keeping your brake pads in spec and brake fluid fresh is key. Allowing your brake pads to wear too low can result in hundreds of dollars in repair and is extremely dangerous.

In this workshop you have a few options:
• Flush the front and/or rear brake fluid – $40
• Replace the front and/or rear brake pads (with flush) – $85
• Replace both the front and rear brake pads (with flush) – $115

Brake fluid changing is included in the brake pad change option, no extra fees. For more specialty work such as changing brake lines, working with ABS systems, replacing rotors, or replacing drum brakes, we offer 1-on-1 Help.

If you don’t know if your motorcycle is ready for new brake pads or fresh fluid stop by the shop – no appointment necessary. We’ll be happy to check and let you know.

LENGTH: 1-4 hours


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