If you’re tired of trying to sell your motorcycle gear or just don’t have the time to hassle with it anymore, let us take care of it. Bring us your gear, name your price, and hang it on the rack. We’ll take care of the sale for you and let you know when your item sells. We take a commission of 35%. If the item does not sell you can lower your price, pick it up, or donate it to the shop (we’ll find a motorcyclist in need).

Used Gear In-Stock Now:



Donate your used gear. Rather than try and make a buck on your used gear, donate it to a worthy cause.. another rider in need. Many riders come in to Moto Guild with little to no gear. Help them gear up with your used gear at no cost.




We provide seller assistance – if you have a motorcycle you would like to sell but don’t have the time to do it yourself, bring it to us and we can help.  We can take photos, give you listing advice or write the listing for you, provide a safe place for buyers and sellers to meet, and can provide a place for potential buyers to inspect the bike in your absence.

We take a small commission of 20% for these services.

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